Nissan 240SX

Nissan 240SXThe 240SX was redesigned with the S14 Silvia body in spring 1994 as an early 1995 model. The hatchback and convertible were eliminated, leaving only the coupe. The wheelbase of the car grew 2 inches, while the overall length of the vehicle was slightly shorter than the S13. The curb weight of the vehicle went up about 23 pounds from the S13 with the SE at 2753 lb (1249 kg). Aside from adding dual air bags and removing the pop-up headlights, the S14 was almost the same car as the S13 mechanically, with the main differences being cosmetic. The chassis was changed slightly sporting a stiffer frame and a slightly wider wheelbase with higher rear strut mounts. From 1995 to 1996 the 240SX (S14b) is considered the Zenki model. The base model had 4 lug 15-inch wheels, a softer suspension, and no rear sway bar. SE and LE models came equipped with 16-inch, 5-lug alloy wheels, a stiffer suspension versus the base model, and a rear sway bar all standard on the SE. The LE was equipped with leather seats, keyless entry, an antitheft system, and a CD player. Antilock brakes and a limited-slip differential came as an optional package to the SE model. JDM and USDM S14b (b = before) both had plastic housing lights while the European version had glass. From 1997 to 1998 the 240SX is considered the Kouki or S14a model. The change mainly included updated bodywork – aggressive projector headlights; a new front bumper, hood, and fenders; and revised taillights and center panel. Side skirts were now standard on the SE and LE trim level. The 1998 marked the end of production for the Nissan 240SX, with no further variations of the S platform released in America. Every 240SX was built in Kyūshū, Japan. The last 240SX rolled off the assembly line on July 23, 1998.


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