Nissan Crew

Nissan CrewThe Nissan Crew is a midsize sedan manufactured by Nissan Motors and only sold in Japan, where the cars are mainly used for police and taxi purposes and for fleet use, alongside the Nissan Cedric Y31, which is mechanically related, but larger. Its main competition is the Toyota Comfort. It was introduced in June 1993 and was updated in 1998, 2001 and 2005. The Crew is powered by an NA20P engine, similar to the RB20E, but supports the use of LPG fuel and produces 85 PS. As of 2004, the Nissan Crew was offered with the RB20E inline-six (130 PS) and a 2.8 liter inline-six diesel engine (Type RD28, 94 PS). Model line-up consisted of the base LS-F and the more comprehensively equipped LS and LX.


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